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26 April 2024

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19 July 2024

We Proudly Unveil The Dawn of Ascension

Welcome to the New Era.

Welcome to Ascension.

Since its inception, Path to Hex has created a stage for amateur mixed martial arts, giving fighters the opportunity to showcase their skills and create a pathway to the world’s stage.

From delivering exhilarating fights for the fans at an experience that is second to none in Australia and after 22 remarkable shows under the banner “Path to Hex”, emerges a new era, a transformative Chapter that promises even greater heights for aspiring fighters.

Today, we proudly unveil the dawn of “Ascension.” This rebranding isn’t just a change in name; it marks the beginning of an ambitious journey to elevate the sport, carve out new paths for emerging talent, and propel our athletes onto the global stage.

As Ascension, our commitment goes beyond the confines of the cage. We are dedicated to fostering growth, not only in the skills of our fighters but also in their exposure and recognition on an international scale. Our mission is clear: identify and nurture high-level potential across the nation, while fostering relationships with the global MMA community.

Over the years, we’ve witnessed remarkable talents emerge from our amateur circuit, progressing to showcase their skills in prestigious promotions such as One Championship and Bellator. This legacy will continue with “Ascension”.

For those who have supported us at Path to Hex, fear not—this isn’t a departure from our roots, but rather a natural evolution. All existing rankings and current champions will seamlessly transition to Ascension Fight Series, ensuring continuity in the pursuit of excellence.

The time for change is upon us, and we embrace it wholeheartedly. We invite you to join us on this thrilling journey as we continue to redefine the landscape of mixed martial arts. It’s not just a rebrand; it’s a declaration of our unwavering commitment to creating a pathway for our athletes to reach the pinnacle of the world stage.

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